Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Do What I Love

I got Lola Talleya friend. She's from a 1944 child's sewing kit, the kind that come with tiny patterns and little pieces of fabric to teach young girls how to sew. I love her, she reminds me of a store counter display so she's living on the counter of my store.

Speaking of the store, last month was its one year anniversary. I was sick and didn't do anything special, but it felt really good to reach that milestone. Here's to many more...


  1. speaking of doing what you love... i have just barely started my very own blog! i would love for you to take a peek and even follow if youd like www.wilydarling.blogspot.com

  2. New visitor and follower. I can't wait to check the store. On my way there. Oooops congrats on that milestone. Fabulosityreads.blogspot.com