Friday, April 23, 2010

Lola Talley

I found this paper doll at the antique mall I used to work at, in the space of a dealer that is notorious for under pricing things. At first I thought it was a store display because she's so tall. Then I noticed the name - Lola Talley. Never heard of her. With a quick Google search (I love you, Google) I learned that it was actually supposed to be Lana Turner but the doll didn't meet with the approval of her studio so was named Lola Talley instead.

She was sold in 1942 at Saks 5th Avenue stores. She came with her clothes in a paper trunk tied to her arm by a cord. Many people didn't like buying paper dolls that way plus she wasn't really a celebrity so not many sold. This paper doll is quite rare! Unfortunately I don't have the clothes but I do have the paper trunk. I originally bought her to resell but I've become quite fond of Miss Talley and I think I will hang on to her for a bit.


  1. she is adorable I love vintage paper dolls

  2. She's amazing, I don't blame you for keeping her- what a great find. x

  3. I did the same thing you did - went to google to find out who the heck Lola Talley was! Nice you were able to find out and tell us.