Tuesday, October 11, 2011


1920s 1930s bow dress
This dress is a lesson in persistence when thrifting. I found it at a store I usually have no luck at, and I had been there just a few days prior, again with no luck. I stopped by this time to find 50s hats for a dollar, 50s hostess aprons for a dollar (the really fancy kind, not the basic cotton), a 50s purse for four dollars (keeping), train cases (can't keep them in stock at the store), a 50s Lefton Halloween figurine and this amazing dress. It's made of the softest silk velvet and closes up the side with a ridiculous amount of snaps. It's well loved, some pearls are missing and a side seam needs to restitched.

I adore it and it will stay in my collection until I'm having an estate sale of my own (which will be one of the coolest estate sales EVER, by the way.)

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