Saturday, June 18, 2011

Still Alive

Hello my poor little neglected blog that I doubt anybody reads anymore. I've been fairly MIA. In April I moved from my 1902 apartment into a little 1898 apartment. This was only the second time I've ever moved and with the large amount of stuff I own it was quite a production. It took exactly two weeks to move everything and I'm still not 100% situated.

Clyde is doing well. He likes to spend HOURS looking at himself in the mirror. If he's not doing that, he's playing in water. I call him Mer-Clyde because I think he's part mermaid. Also note the old hardwood floors. I have wanted hardwood floors FOREVER and now I finally have them and I will never go back to carpet as long as I can help it.

The store is still doing well. I don't think the excitement of someone coming in with an armful of still to sell/consign will ever get old. I want to do this forever.

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  1. I still read your blog and am happy to see a post from you.Glad you're liking what you do and where you live now =)