Saturday, March 19, 2011

Things I Love Saturday 3/19

  • I was asked to do the display window at the antique mall my store is in with my personal stuff but to kinda advertise the store. It has really worked! If you'd like to see bigger pictures or hear me go on endlessly about any of this stuff, I can certainly do that. Of course, I have TONS more, but I tried to stick with a pink/cream/black girly theme.
    Someone really wanted to buy that pink purse today, and I was about to sell it, until I got it out of the case. I just couldn't do it. I felt like I was on an episode of Hoarders being forced to part with my stuff. It's a Bobbie Jerome and such a fantastic shade of pink! I guess my friend was right when she said "you're a tidy hoarder." Haha.

  • This picture of Billy and Clyde I took yesterday is easily one of my favorite pictures of my cats so far. It makes me melt!

  • This was once an unfortunate 80s mannequin head which my friend transformed with just a little bit of craft paint. I really wish I had taken a before picture because the difference is amazing.

    That's all for this week. Don't forget to enter the Vintage Green Giveaway. I'm going to attempt to make a YouTube video of the store tonight, if it turns out okay I'll post it tomorrow.

    1. How fun; I love it! :) Tidy hoarder. HAHAHA!

      XoX, Sandy

    2. You definitely have a knack for store displays, I'm here wanting to shop out of this window! Do you happen to know how much those pink dresses are? And the little photo of the woman with the cloche hat on?

    3. Your display window looks amazing! I especially love touches with the vintage photographs. I agree with S. the tidy hoarder cracked me up.

    4. Leilani - Nothing in that display is for sale, sorry re-reading what I wrote totally didn't make that clear. But the pink dress on the right I got on Etsy a few years back for hardly anything because they had it listed as a Halloween costume and the pink dress on the left was also almost free at a thrift store because the zipper was broken and someone had put stick on velcro all over it! I had my mom fix it with a nice NOS metal zipper (because I can't sew zippers to save my life).

    5. Simply amazing. Love these vintage stores and stuff like hats and gloves.
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