Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grand Opening!

Having the store has been so much fun! I love watching people fall in love with something, knowing where I "rescued" it from and being able to hear what they plan on doing with it. Little things like that which make it personal are one of the best parts.

I miss having some of my displays at home, like Edith here, which is totally silly. I wish i could clone her.

Tomorrow starts the big three day city wide antique sale and I'm going to have my grand opening in connection with it. It finally feels ready even though I've been open since November. I'm spending the rest of the night getting everything ready. I even bought balloons!

We're also trying to move right now and not having much luck with finding a decent place. I just got done looking at this cute little 1915 house. ADORABLE with it's chippy paint and overgrown ivy on the outside, sadly not as cute on the inside. The living room was okay with built-ins and a bay window but the two bedrooms and the kitchen were approaching dump status. Sigh. Oh well, it WILL happen eventually.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lisa, have a fabulous grand opening! Hope you sell everything. Please keep us posted on how it goes. And good luck finding a good vintage home. XOX

  2. wishing you LOTS of success with your shop!

  3. Hi there, I just found you through Emily's (Livin' Vintage)blog. I've been tempted by many items in your etsy shop and it's exciting to hear you started a brick & mortar shop.