Saturday, January 22, 2011

Top Thrifted Items of 2010

Here are what I consider to be the top items I thrifted in 2010, and when I say thrifted I mean only things that were found in thrift stores. I also found many fantastic items at estate sales and antique stores but for this I'm only counting thrift stores. Also I'm only counting things I'm keeping in my own collection, there were also many other fantastic things found that I passed on to new homes.

Victorian Blouse
I have always wanted one and I still can't believe I ended up finding one in a bin of complete junk. It has a few tears so they considered it a rag and I ended up buying it for pennies.

Souvenir Photo
Nothing spectacular, but again, I had always wanted one of these with the paper frame. At 19 cents it had to come home with me.

1950s Patent Leather Purses
Kelly purses are hard to find around here without paying a ridiculous amount. I use one everyday and I like to have a number to choose from and rotate them so they don't get too much wear. I like them fairly plain, but with a little bit of detail that make them stand out from the rest. These were found at two different Goodwills at about $5.00 each.

1950s Lamp
So the shade wasn't found with the lamp (I got it on eBay), but the lamp itself was a $1.00 thrift store find. It's in perfect condition and could not match my living room any better. Please excuse the cell phone photo, I took it right after I got the shade and was really excited!

1950s I. Magnin Grey Lace Dress
This dress was completely mint until I spilled some refried beans on it...luckily I got it mostly out. It fits like a dream and has the most amazing tiers of lace. I call it my cake dress because for some reason anything with tiers makes me think of cake.

1950s Park Avenue Mink Collar Cardigan
I suppose this should only get an honorable mention because although it was from a thrift store, they knew what the had and priced it at what it would have been in a high end vintage store. Still, I happily paid it because, well, it's AMAZING. I've lighted the photo for the details to show but in person it's not faded. It was new with tags. The mink collar is removable with Velcro and I would have thought someone did it themselves if not for the tags mentioning the "New! Velcro Technology!" The rhinestone buckle is attached and the sleeves have little rhinestone buttons too. I love this sweater to bits and I wear

These are only my best thrift store finds off the top of my head, there were many more! 2010 was a great year for vintage hunting.

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  1. It was a year of amazing finds for you! I especially love that gray dress and lamp!