Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Math Problem and a Jackpot

What does the first sale of the year on a gorgeous Saturday plus the only estate sale in the area for 60 miles plus the fact that it's a sale of a long time dealer/collector equal? Just a little bit of chaos. Despite a rough start I still managed a haul that I'm very happy with:

A pink metal bathroom shelf, victorian box, antique rosary (resale), 1950s NOS bra (resale), lots of patterns (resale), a cheetah? pillbox hat (resale), a black and teal fascinator (resale), 1930s face power, a little black cat, an amazing burgundy leather with needlepoint compact, a white and black enamel compact, some jewelry, a 1950s clear vinyl rhinestone clutch (resale) and a black patent leather purse with lucite handle. I would have bought much more but I ran out of money!

These purses were the first thing I grabbed and set the tone after the shaky start. I adore them both but I know I would never use the clear one so it's in the shop. The black one however will live a long and happy life with me and see lots of use this summer. It has PINK lining!

These are my two other favorite finds for myself.

The patterns are pretty great and actually in decent sizes (14 through 18). One contained the original reciept from August 1, 1955. A few are cut but it appears all pieces are there. The original owner made notes on some like "perfect size but shrink material first" and "good gored skirt but make top large." I have no idea what to ask for them.

This hat (fascinator? I'm not a hat person) doesn't photograph well. It is in near mint condition with a Union tag. I will probably wait to list it until i get some better photos. The sun was going down by the time I got home.

So that was my day. If the sales this year continue this way I will be a very happy girl!


  1. Lovely finds especially the patterns. I wish I knew where to get these kind of finds in the UK. On etsy vintage patterns usually command the same if not more then modern alternatives. Saying that I have seen 50s dress patterns go for $15-25.

  2. fun! I really like the clear purse.. but its sold :(

  3. Lovely finds! I love the bathroom shelf and the handbags!!

  4. I love those patterns, when you figure out the price of them will you let us know? I would love to get a few to make in to dress. All of these are wonderful Finds!!