Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cat Figurine Hoarding

Hello new collection. I love these little guys, I see this style often but it's always monkeys or dogs. No thanks. Cats or deer? Yes please!

I found the cat yesterday at Value Village and bought it so fast I didn't notice the flowers are chipped but whatever, I would have bought it anyway! I also found a reproduction black 1950s bathing suit, the exact same style I had been eyeing online for over $80! I thought it was my lucky day until I went out and the Falcon wouldn't start! I don't normally go thrifting in it (or take it as far from home as I did). Luckily someone gave me a jump and I limped it back to my parent's house where it remains. It has a problem with the charging system but we can't figure out exactly what sooo I'm pretty bummed about that. It's almost car show season!


  1. I love those little figurines...so cute! Great finds. Nancy

  2. Those are really cute! On another note I used to have a 64 Falcon, eventually it had awful carb problems and I had to let it go. It was no where near show condition but I did have fun with it anyway. What year is yours???

  3. How cute, great find!
    Love your blog. Germaine

  4. What adorable finds, how lucky you are! I also adore vintage and am living this year in 1955